Rubicare audiology provider examines the patient's ear.

Immediate Savings

Audiology Savings with Rubicare

Partnering with quality audiology practices, our plans function as membership programs featuring exclusive savings, distinct from traditional insurance. Participating audiology providers have agreed to reduce their rates for plan members, requiring a small membership fee to access significant savings during each visit.

Some audiology visits can turn into more than routine care. Rubicare can help you save:

Rubicare audiology provider examines the patient's ear.

Audiology Discounts

What Audiology services are in my Rubicare Health Savings Plan?

*Some exclusions do apply. Please speak with your provider about Rubicare

Hearing Evaluations

  • Air conduction pure-tone testing between frequencies of 250 Hz and 8000 Hz
  • Bone conduction pure-tone testing between frequencies of 500 Hz and 4000 Hz
  • Speech threshold testing and word recognition testing
  • Tympanometry
  • Acoustic Reflex Thresholds
  • Otoscopy

Hearing Aids and Assistive Devices

  • 10% off
  • All electric durable medical equipment goods including hearing aids, hearing aid chargers, or other electronic assistive medical equipment for one or two ears for the direct purpose of hearing aid usage, including any replacement of hearing aid receivers to any hearing aid. 

Implant Candidacy

  • Cochlear Implant Candidacy Testing
  • Bone Anchored Hearing Air Testing


(Vestibular Balance Testing)

  • Video Head Impulse Testing
  • Oculomotor testing
  • Up to 4 Positional Tests
  • Dix-Hallpike Tests
  • Warm and or Cold Caloric Tests


  • 25% off
  • Recheck of hearing aids
  • Hearing aid cleanings
  • Real ear measurements
  • Electroacoustic Hearing Aid checks
  • Ear canal cleanings
  • Reprogramming hearing aids purchased from our office out of warranty 
  • Reprogramming hearing aids not purchased from our office
  • Counseling
  • Aural Rehab visits
  • Recheck of hearing aid fittings
  • Hearing aid orientation
  • Fitting adjustments

No Coverage

  • Batteries
  • Mic filters
  • Wax guards
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Dry bricks
  • Desiccant items
  • Ear wax softeners
  • Lubricants
  • Electronic hearing aid dryers
  • Shipping charges
  • Any other regularly disposed items purchased from our office not mentioned above

Rubicare Audiology Providers

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Rehder Balance & Hearing Clinic

1101 North 27th St, Ste E
Billings, MT, 59101

(406) 519-3865

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