Rubicare for Business

Commitment to Low costs

I'm a business owner, what about my employees?

Incorporating Rubicare into your benefits package demonstrates a commitment to the health and satisfaction of your employees. 

Small costs, huge benefits

Rubicare is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses seeking to provide comprehensive benefits without the high costs associated with traditional insurance plans.

Promote a positive work environment

Give your employees the opportunity to be proactive and preventive with their health. This potentially reduces the number of sick days taken due to oral health issues and supports a healthier, more productive workforce. It's a win-win!

Add additional savings into your benefits package

Offering Rubicare plans as a valuable component to your employee's benefits package can promote the oral health and overall well-being of your business.

Rubicare Health Savings Plan Chiropractic provider adjusting a patient's back.

Enrolling in a Rubicare for Business plan offers a strategic investment in both employee well-being and your company’s financial health.

Rubicare benefits encourage regular health visits. Our providers can help you be proactive with your preventive care by addressing issues before they escalate.

How do I get my business started with Rubicare?

Become a Member

By providing information about your business and the number of employees, we can help you enroll with the right provider. Adding employees is simple, $79 per employee.

Inform your employees

Let your employees know about their coverage details and how to access their benefits as well as provider details.  

Communicate regularly

It’s easy to keep track of employee coverage and benefits with your membership by adding or removing  members as needed. 

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