Rubicare for Individuals & Families

Commitment to Low costs

How can Rubicare for Individuals & Families save me money?

Save money right away by becoming a member as an individual or a family. Your preventive dental care is cost effective and flexible. Rubicare for individuals & families plan is your budget friendly option quality dental care. 

Small costs, huge benefits

Rubicare's annual fee of $79 per year per family member is a lower cost than dental insurance premiums.

Choose a provider that's right for you

Pick and choose from an extensive list of providers to find the right dental care for you. There are no in-network obligations.

Straight forward dental care

With Rubicare there are no claims to file, simply pay the discounted price at the time of checkout. With no maximums or deductibles, start seeing the savings right away.

Rubicare for Individuals & Families. Twin boys smile in dental chair as Rubicare providers look on in the background.

Enrolling as a family benefits everyone. Ensure your family members enjoy routine check-ups, cleanings and necessary procedures.

Our providers can help employees be proactive with their preventive care by addressing issues before they escalate thus minimizing extensive and costly dental procedures in the future.

How do I get started with Rubicare?

Become a Member

Fill out the application and become a Rubicare inividual or family member for $79 per year per family member.

Choose a Provider

Determine what your dental needs are as an individual or a family. Choose the right provider for you!

Start Saving

Keep track of your savings and beneifts with your online account. 

Discover dental care today

Join Rubicare now!

Ready to get started? Sign up today and embark on a journey of opportunities and growth. Don’t miss out, join us now!

Smiling woman approving dental cleaning from a Rubicare provider.