How Rubicare Works

Saving money has never been so easy

You may be wondering how Rubicare can offer dental care at a discounted rate.

While most people are familiar with dental insurance, Rubicare works differently. 

Partnering with quality dental practices, our plans function as membership programs featuring exclusive savings, distinct from traditional insurance. Participating dentists have agreed to reduce their rates for plan members, requiring a small membership fee to access significant savings during each dental visit.

Reliable Dental care

How do I get started?

Find Your Plan

We offer two plans: Individual & Family and Business Plans. Become a member by selecting your plan.

Plans start at $79 per year.

Visit a Provider

Visit a dentist from our list of providers. Our dentists are committed to high-quality care at reduced rates. 

Start Saving Money

Present your Rubicare card at checkout to access discounts. As a member, you pay the discounted amount for a procedure.

Save 25%-50%!

Screenshot of the Rubicare user dashboard. How Rubicare Works

Manage your account online and keep track of your benefits.

No binding contracts tying you down—feel free to cancel at any time!

Elderly man sitting in dental office talking with one of Rubicare's providers.

Additional Discounts

Rubicare vs Medicare

Rubicare plans offer distinct advantages over Medicare when it comes to oral health care. Unlike Medicare, Rubicare’s plans are specifically designed to address patient dental expenses. We provide substantial discounts on a wide range of dental procedures, including preventive care, fillings, and even major treatments like crowns or bridges. Most supplemental plans have limitations on even the amount of fillings you can receive in a plan year!

Medicare recipients may find themselves burdened with out-of-pocket costs for dental services not covered by their insurance. A Rubicare plan can help mitigate these expenses. Our plans assure a straightforward enrollment process and low annual fees, offering individuals a cost-effective way to access comprehensive dental care without surprises or confusion in regard to plan benefits.

compare the savings

How does Rubicare compare to dental insurance?

Our members enjoy tangible savings with every dental visit. Here’s how much you can save with the Rubicare Dental Savings Plan.

Rubicare Savings Plan Dental Insurance
Preventative Care
Routine checkups, cleanings, and x-rays
Basic Procedures
Fillings, extractions, emergency care, implants
Major Procedures
Root canals, crowns, bridges, dentures
No Annual Spending Caps
No Monthly Premiums
No Deductibles
No Co-payments
No Contracts
No long-term contracts; cancel anytime
No Claims to Submit

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